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Our mission is to help you make money consistently trading markets as a swing trader. Many cannot or do not wish to be glued to a trading monitor everyday as a day trader. This site is for YOU! Day traders looking for swing trading ideas and trades, this site is also for YOU!




For our site visitors, welcome! This site is also a resource for you! Peruse through Trader's Library. There you will find books on trading arranged by category. New books are added regularly. See something you like? Order directly through Amazon with one click. Want to keep up with trading blogs? Our blog feed is constantly updated with the latest postings. Discover blogs that you may not know. Follow a blog that you do not see displayed? Send us your recommendations! We also have featured a world economic calendar so you can stay abreast of important economic announcements. Periodically, feature articles will also be available on the home page. Please enjoy your visit and visit often!


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Here's some of what you can expect to find inside:

  • 20 64x64Weekly Options

    Weekly option credit spread trade recommendations. And the reasons for that trade.

  • 28 64x64  Equity Options

    From time-to-time, other equity and equity option recommendations.

  • traders-psych-couchTrader's Psych Couch

    All things related to trader psychology. Articles, thoughts and observations

  • 19 64x64Seasonal Trades

    Seasonal commodity trade recommendations with specific entry prices. Trading plan(s) including trade management.

  • 03 64x64SpyMoney Machine

    SPY Money Machine with daily reversal targets. Historical trade results since June 1, 2010.

  • bag-o-money2Rapid Fire Options

    Fast paced, higher risk, options speculation targetting quick gains and outsized equity accumulation.

  • evildaytrader "Evil" Day  Traders

    Some swing traders are also day traders. Setups, ideas, suggestions, etc., specifically for the day trader.

  • binaries-100x81Binary Options

    High probability trades for the trader with very limited capital! Potential to turn small money into large money relatively fast! Many trade set ups.

  • potporriPotpourri              

    Subjects of interest and money making ideas not necessarily trading related.

  • hedges Profit Taker           

    A unique and potentially a very high return method that eliminates nearly all risk in trades.